How it all began

Ayurveda in the mountains

Carmen Kohler, the hotel proprietor whose enthusiasm for the Indian art of healing goes back over ten years, laid the foundations for Ayurveda Dolomites back in 2014. She was inspired by Indian Ayurveda, which draws on the power of the natural world of the Dolomites to ensure personal well-being. The first Ayurveda therapist began working here in the same year that head chef Theodor Falser arrived. This Indian form of medicine was initially incorporated in the programme in the form of individual treatments, but Ayurveda meals were soon added – a balanced diet forms a key pillar of this Oriental philosophy of life. Thus the Ayurveda concept at the Hotel Angel was gradually developed into an all-round offer, indeed a brand in itself - and especially one for the self.
Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

Exotic spices - oriental flavour

Ayurveda Cuisine

Ayurvedic cooking is fine and light, because in Ayurveda it says: You are what you digest. Our kitchen team conjures up menus that are as refined as they are easy to digest. Only natural foods and aromatic herbs from the region are used.
More of our Ayurveda Cuisine
Creating something that lasts, an energy power spot for our guests, so to speak – that is something I care very much about. To support them when they set out on a new path by introducing them to the power of the ancient medical science of Ayurveda really is a wonderful mission to me.
Carmen Kohler
Each Ayurveda break begins with a consultation with Dr Mishra, Italy’s only practising Ayurveda physician and one of the best pulse diagnosticians in India. By diagnosing the pulse he can identify each guest’s individual dosha constitution, whose balance can then be restored with targeted treatments, diet and exercise - and the guest thus returned to their inner self.

The three doshas

Three doshas, three life fires: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. We all carry them within ourselves in varying proportions. Ayurveda Dolomites aims to balance the three doshas and thus to harmonise body, mind and soul.
air and wind
Vata stands for those who are slender, artistically inclined, enthusiastic and sensitive, who love variety and are quick on the uptake. This dosha relates to the human nervous system.
fire and water
Pitta stands for muscular persons who are technically inventive, ambitious, assertive and passionate, blessed with an alert mind and a high level of digestive and metabolic activity. This dosha affects our metabolic system.
water and earth
Kapha stands for people who are heavy, robust, stable, reliable, patient and kind, have great stamina and strength and a good long-term memory. This dosha influences people’s immune system.

Our packages

Something for everyone

Gain awareness of the processes in the body, achieve inner peace and find your inner self, which should be so close yet sometimes seems unattainable: Ayurveda Dolomites is a holistic experience to harmonise body, mind and soul. Try it – it’s worth it!Go to the packages
The Ayurveda experts in South Tyrol
A path to new vitality
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