Simply switch off and drop everything

At the Hotel Engel in South-Tyrol

Let go and lift off! Feel yourself free between the mountain peaks and tree-tops. Float in the waters of the pool as if on clouds. And enjoy it all – the atmosphere, the food, the natural surroundings. And, above all, the time spent with yourself. Consciously opening up to new perspectives is a skill that must be acquired – it requires a certain courage to take a new path. But it is certainly well worth it!
There is no way to happiness,
happiness is the way.

Lift off and take on a new life

Ayurvedic design

You can look forward to extensive views and deep feelings, a quiet atmosphere and friendly encounters. To be enjoyed alone, should you wish – or not. The friendly ambience leaves all options open; our staff are helpful, but never pushy. The hotel itself is thoroughly elegant in terms of its interior, appeal and comfort.

Our rooms

Bedding down in the clouds

Here you will find choice furniture, warm colours and exquisite textiles. There is a pillow menu on request, or even a whole bedroom designed to ensure a good night’s sleep. There is a free-standing imperial-size bath and a four-poster bed, a balcony or a roof terrace with views of the mountains! Live like royalty in the rooms and suites at the Hotel Engel: the true comfort of a holistic holiday.
Sun Suite I
Deluxe junior suite - 45m²
Mountain Paradise
Double room - 25m²

Let go and calm down

Our spa area

With local wood, plenty of light and precious details, the spa area at the Hotel Engel also exudes elegance. A sauna area, an outdoor and indoor water world, a treatment area – and tea corners and quiet rooms to be found everywhere in between. A wealth of wellness! Find peace and harmony between the outside and inside: Ayurveda Dolomites at the Hotel Engel will lead you to yourself.
The Ayurveda experts in South Tyrol
A path to new vitality
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