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Panchakarma curePanchakarma curePanchakarma cureThe way to sustainable healthIn Ayurveda, Panchakarma is a complex purification process that has been practised in this form for over 2000 years. Panchakarma is the heart of Ayurveda and is rightly called the royal road to health. No cure is more profound and effective than the Ayurvedic Panchakarma cure. In the meantime, ...Read moreAyurveda and rheumatismAyurveda and rheumatismAyurveda and rheumatismAyurveda can help with rheumatic diseasesRheumatism is a disease that shows many different clinical pictures in western and ayurvedic medicine. There is no such thing as one rheumatism. In both medical worlds, up to 450 different clinical pictures are known, which can be divided into four groups: 1. degenerative rheumatic diseases 2. ...Read moreWHY TAKE AN AYURVEDA CURE IN EUROPE?WHY TAKE AN AYURVEDA CURE IN EUROPE?WHY TAKE AN AYURVEDA CURE IN EUROPE?SEVEN REASONS FOR AN AYURVEDA CURE IN EUROPEWhoever wants to do an Ayurveda cure or a Panchakarma cure usually first thinks of India or Sri Lanka. Many people still think that authentic Ayurveda treatments are only available in the motherland of Ayurveda, i.e. in faraway Asia. But this has not been true for a long time. On the contrary, ...Read moreBurnoutBurnoutBurnoutHow Ayurveda can helpFrom an Ayurvedic point of view, those who are in burnout have lost their balance. This refers not only to one's s mental balance but also to the balance of the doshas. In general, the doshas Vata and pitta are affected by burnout syndrome. Ayurveda has numerous recommendations for regaining balance ...Read moreA pulse reading as an experience of oneselfA pulse reading as an experience of oneselfA pulse reading as an experience of oneselfAyurvedic pulse diagnosis with Dr MishraIt's snowing as if the pillows and beds from an entire hotel were being shaken out. Great flakes float down from the sky and settle on the floor to form a fluffy blanket. I struggle not to fall over as I stamp my way towards the Hotel Engel. I finally make it to the hotel entrance and go into the ...Read moreWhat’s good for the soulWhat’s good for the soulWhat’s good for the soulI actually still have no idea of what awaits my friend and myself as, early one morning, I step through the door of the Hotel Engel. But somehow we already tread more comfortably as soon as we arrive, which is undoubtedly due to the surprising peacefulness that you immediately sense here. We receive ...Read more
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