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Interview about sustainability at Hotel EngelInterview about sustainability at Hotel EngelInterview about sustainability at Hotel EngelAyurveda is a health science that is based on sustainability, and that already at times when this term did not even exist. Because Ayurveda is a health system that works preventively. In the interview, the Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Mishra and Carmen Kohler talk about how sustainability is lived in the ...Read more…Different foods for different moods!…Different foods for different moods!…Different foods for different moods!Nutrition is one of THE pillars of Ayurvedic health education.Taking a pulse diagnosis as the basis, diagnostician Dr Mishra can determine the three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – then adapt our food intake to each constitution type so that possible imbalances can be evened out. The kitchen at the Hotel Engel offers guests just that: a personalised ...Read moreFinding balanceFinding balanceFinding balanceAyurveda physician Dr Mishra on the “knowledge of life”Dr Vaidya Swami Nath Mishra was born in the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh in 1958. He gained his degree in Ayurvedic medicine in 1982 at the Ahimsa Ayurvedic College in New Delhi. As part of his master’s degree and doctorate (PhD) Dr Mishra specialised in the Panchakarma, the Ayurvedic therapy ...Read moreAyurveda DolomitesAyurveda DolomitesAyurveda DolomitesA little piece of India in the South Tyrolean mountainsAyurveda places the essential at the centre, the things that money can’t buy. You learn to appreciate health, you learn to appreciate life, you learn to appreciate your friends. You change your lifestyle, the communication with one another – this is true enrichment, as it means that the life you ...Read more
The Ayurveda experts in South Tyrol
A path to new vitality
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